2024 Annual Scientific Meeting

After the first online meeting in 2020, Nice in 2021, Rennes in 2022 and Montpellier in 2023, the annual Scientific Meeting of GDR RNA will be held in Strasbourg on June 10 and 11, 2024.

As each year, GDR RNA welcomes professors, researchers, post-docs and students to present their work during the meeting. The executive committee always tries to let all scientists present as they wish wether this is an oral communication or a poster presentation.

Do not miss this 5th annual meeting that will be the last one of the 5-year lasting GDR but also the opportunity to decide together about the future of the network.

Check all detailed information and the registration link on the page https://gdr-rna.cnrs.fr/scientific-meetings/5th-scientific-meeting/

The GDR RNA aims to bring together French teams working on the targeting of RNA, its modifications and its use as a tool around three main themes:

Axis 1. Design and synthesis of tools: from small molecule RNA ligands to modified RNA oligonucleotides

Axis 2. Study of interactions: development of biochemical and biophysical tools for the understanding of interaction mechanisms at the molecular and cellular level

Axis 3. Therapeutic applications: in vitro and in vivo models