Development of biochemical and biophysical tools for a better understanding of the formed interaction at the molecular and cellular level.

The discovery of effective tools for the targeting of structured RNAs from both a therapeutic point of view and the study of the biological mechanisms in which these RNAs are involved requires the collection of a large amount of information of biochemical (dissociation constants, affinity, selectivity, inhibition activity), biophysical (complex stoichiometry, thermodynamic parameters) and structural (conformations, interactions) type. In order to gather this information, a large number of techniques requiring specific skills are necessary.
Thus, the topics addressed in this axis are :
1. the development of biochemical and biophysical tools for the study of ligand/RNA interactions in vitro or in cellulo/in vivo.
2. The contribution of structural biology to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of interaction and to the design of new targeting tools.