In vitro et in vivo models

The tools designed and synthesized (oligonucleotides and small molecules) have to be validated in vitro and in vivo in view of their application in medicinal chemistry or chemobiology.

In order to carry out in vitro, intracellular and in vivo studies, it is necessary to develop tools and models for these studies. These models will be used not only to study the biological activity of the tools designed and synthesized in the themes of axis 1, but also to apply these tools to a better understanding of the biological mechanisms in which RNA is involved at the intracellular level.

The themes addressed under this third axis are:

  • Viral and bacterial RNA targeting, models and target validation
  • miRNAs and nRNAs as biological targets: towards new chemotherapies

Study of the mechanisms of RNA modification and search for inhibitors in the field of epitranscriptomics